Be an Oral Health Care Boss with Dental Floss

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Have you ever wanted to perfect your flossing skills? Although it is a task you should be doing every day, it is often not done correctly or in an efficient manner. The products themselves can play a role in the effectiveness of the treatment as well.

Be an oral health care boss with dental floss. Here are some tips to improve your habit:

– Always use floss that is shred resistant to ensure it will not fail during normal use. The best shred resistant filling is single filament thread.

– Dental floss is extremely important to remove plaque debris that brushing alone cannot reach.

– The best way to hold dental floss is to wrap each end around a finger on each hand, making sure there is enough give to move up and down the strand as necessary.

– A standard flossing session should consist of a deep cleaning between each tooth, roughly lasting 2-3 minutes total.

– Never use the same piece of dental floss more than once. This includes within the same strand, so you will need a piece roughly 18 inches in length to ensure you can clean each tooth with a new section.

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