Composite Fillings Are the Wave of the Future

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Composite fillings are a much-needed alternative to dental amalgams. For over 150 years, America has relied on metal amalgams for their tooth restorations. Now, with cutting-edge technology, dentists can craft realistic natural-looking composites. Composite fillings can give you back the natural-looking beauty your teeth deserve. Below are some of the perks that come with composite fillings:

– Functionality: Composites can be repaired many times over without removing the original filling.

– Color: Composites can be customized to match the natural color of your teeth.

– Leak-free: Composites can seal the margins between the tooth and gums much better than amalgams can.

– Safety: Unlike amalgams, composites do not contain mercury.

– Stronger: Composites can stand up to stronger forces that can cause tooth fracture.

– Durability: Composites can last nearly a decade.

– Size: Composites can be used on extremely small cavities, which were previously too difficult to effectively fill with amalgams.

Composite fillings are the wave of the future. If you would like to know more about composite fillings, please make an appointment with Dr. Timothy Dinkelman by contacting our wonderful staff at Northridge Dental LLC via phone at 402-477-1177. You can also stop by our office in Lincoln, Nebraska. Let us help you take charge of your future with a healthy smile.