Dentistry Blog for Beginners: Tooth Hazard Treatments

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Are there any tooth hazard risks in your life that are plaguing your smile? Even if you are not aware of any, numerous underlying factors and your daily habits, your oral hygiene routine, your diet, and even your lifestyle can drastically affect the health of your teeth and gums. To minimize tooth hazard risks, always be on the lookout for anything that can potentially damage your teeth and gums. Here are a few tooth hazards to be aware of:

– Chewing on ice may seem like an innocent habit. However, it can lead to tooth hazards in the form of chipped and cracked teeth. Never bite down on hard products. This includes cough drops that not only can crack your teeth but can also come loaded with sugar, which is known for contributing to dental erosion and tooth decay. Exercise caution with all products that you not only bite into but also consume.

– Do you grind your teeth while you sleep? If so, this is known as sleep bruxism and can do severe dental damage to your teeth. To avoid this tooth hazard, visit your dentist for a comprehensive exam and treatment options to help prevent tooth grinding.

– Exercise caution if you decide to wear mouth jewelry, specifically tongue piercings. If you are not careful, the tongue piercings can be improperly placed and lead to nerve damage and burst blood vessels. Furthermore, frequent bleeding, damage to your teeth and gums, tooth enamel wear, infection, and chipped teeth are all known risk factors for wearing mouth jewelry.

– To help protect your smile from oral accidents and injuries that arise, consider using a safety appliance such as a mouthguard. Mouthguards go directly on your teeth to add an additional layer of protection. They can be customized by your dentist or bought pre-formed at a local store.

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