Do You Need a Filling or Crown?

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You probably know that it’s important for you to visit your dentist once every six months if you’re interested in protecting the health of your teeth. While these are fairly routine appointments, they will give our team a chance to recognize signs of trouble in your mouth. Fortunately, if we discover trouble, there are several treatments that we can use to help you meet your unique needs. For example, we might suggest a crown and a filling, but do you know what makes each treatment better for different circumstances.

Of course, a cavity should be treated as soon as possible, and a crown or filling could be enough to protect your teeth. If your tooth decay isn’t too serious, we may recommend a filling. This treatment is a popular option because it doesn’t require too much preparation. Fillings are also designed to match your smile.

Conversely, crowns are extremely useful for patients who have a cavity that can’t simply be addressed with a filling. Like fillings, a crown can be designed to match your teeth. Crowns are also designed to look, feel, and function like your natural teeth. Our team will also suggest a crown after certain treatments, such as a root canal therapy.

If you’re interested in either of these two treatments, we invite you to give Northridge Dental LLC a call at 402-477-1177. Our dentist, Dr. Timothy Dinkelman, and the rest of our team will gladly answer any of your questions and help you decide on the treatments you might need to best treatments for your individual needs. We’re excited to receive your call soon.