Here Is What You Should Know After Receiving a Dental Filling

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It’s important to treat a cavity at its earliest signs before it requires root canal therapy to treat the center of the tooth. With early treatment, a dental filling may be the best way to treat a tooth, and we encourage you to treat your new dental filling with care to ensure your cavity treatment is successful.

Dr. Timothy Dinkelman and our team want you to know that you should contact our office if you develop any problems with your dental filling, such as cracks in the tooth enamel or pain when biting down on the tooth. By scheduling an appointment with our dentist, we can address these issues quickly and reduce any discomfort.

During treatment, your mouth will be numbed for your comfort, and we encourage you not to eat anything until the numbness wears away so that you don’t damage your mouth by accident. For the next few days, we also suggest that you abstain from using cold or hot drinks and chewing on the dental filling.

If you are interested in receiving a dental filling in Lincoln, Nebraska, we invite you to schedule a visit with Dr. Timothy Dinkelman by contacting Northridge Dental LLC at 402-477-1177. We would be happy to discuss your dental treatment options for a healthier smile.