Successful Smiles Feature Dental Damage Prevention

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Based on your lifestyle choices, you may be at an increased risk for dental damage. Dental damage can arrive through numerous forms including trauma that you cause to your mouth through actions you take and choices you make.

Wisdom teeth are often the source of numerous forms of dental damage. When your wisdom teeth grow in, it can lead to new risks that arise within your mouth, so make sure they are in place and operating as intended. With your wisdom teeth coming in comes additional risks such as malocclusions, infections, and an increased risk for tooth decay. If a wisdom tooth fails to grow in properly or does not fully grow in, see your dentist for treatment.

Lifestyle choices can often lead to dental damage. One such choice is with lip and tongue rings Lip and tongue rings are associated with numerous forms of dental damage. You can cause nerve damage to your tongue if a tongue ring is placed improperly, and you can severely cut and lacerate your gums if your mouth jewelry is pulled or yanked out at any point in time. Furthermore, lip and tongue rings increase your risk for infections and chipped teeth.

One of the greatest risks to your oral health continues to be via unhealthy actions you take throughout your life. This includes bad habits that can easily destroy your teeth and gums, such as smoking or chewing tobacco. Smoking and chewing tobacco can lead to numerous oral health risks including tooth decay, bad breath, stained teeth, irreversible tooth loss, and even oral cancer.

There are numerous health risks associated with smoking including the following:
– bad breath
– stained teeth
– smelly clothing
– difficulties breathing
– cancer, including oral cancer

Do you play or have you played any sports in your lifetime? Were you ever involved in any contact sports? If so, were you aware of the serious risks associated with playing the sports in regard to your teeth and gums? Due to the risks involved, it is important to always make sure you wear the appropriate safety equipment, including any form of mouth guards that may be available.

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