Symptoms That Call for an Oral Cancer Screening

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Because oral cancer is so serious and is best treated when diagnosed as soon as possible, our team at Northridge Dental LLC offers oral cancer screenings as part of your routine dental checkups. Every year, over 40,000 American patients are diagnosed with a case of oral cancer, and early detection is very critical to to the success of any oral cancer treatments.

We have provided a list of potential oral cancer symptoms that are signs you should schedule an oral cancer screening:

– Problems with eating or speaking, or feeling as though your teeth have shifted their alignment
– Any irregular or unexplained lumps, bumps, lumps, swelling, or rashes in your mouth
– The development of numbness, irregular oral pain, or total loss of feeling in the mouth, face, head, ears, or neck
– Sudden and significant weight loss
– A persistent sore throat
– Any unusual or unexplained bleeding
– Red, white, or speckled patches on the gums

Don’t delay scheduling your visit to Northridge Dental LLC if you have noticed any signs of oral cancer, even if you have recently seen a dentist. Our doctor, Dr. Timothy Dinkelman, will want to schedule you for a screening and possible oral cancer treatment, so please call 402-477-1177 today.