Tongue Scraper: Another Tool in Your Oral Health Toolkit

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When it comes to your oral health toolkit, you have a variety of helpful tools at your disposable. American Dental Association approved toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss or other interdental cleaners, mouthwash, and a tongue scraper can all help clean your smile from harmful oral bacteria.

Oral bacteria left to develop into plaque and tartar will lead to tooth decay and gum disease unless it is removed daily. Unfortunately, oral bacteria also tend to collect on the tongue. To maintain a healthier oral environment, removing this bacterial residue during your oral hygiene routine will help ensure a healthier smile. Many people effectively remove oral residue from the tongue with the help of a tongue scraper.

Let’s take a closer look at what a tongue scraper can do for your smile:

— Cleaning oral bacteria from the tongue daily helps keep your breath fresher.

— Cleaning bacteria from the tongue allows your taste buds to better experience the full flavors of your food. This is because the mucus and other debris coating the tongue can block your taste buds from doing their job well. Keeping your taste buds cleaner will allow you to enjoy your food more fully.

— Cleaning oral bacteria from the tongue improves your overall health as well. By keeping your tongue free from oral debris, your body isn’t absorbing harmful toxins from the bacteria. Not only do your teeth benefit from fewer bacteria on their surfaces, but your immune system benefits from reduced bacteria that otherwise contribute to plaque, tooth decay, and gum disease.

As you can see, a tongue scraper is a valuable tool in your oral care kit. If you have oral health questions, or want to schedule a visit with Dr. Timothy Dinkelman, please call our Northridge Dental LLC team in Lincoln, Nebraska by calling 402-477-1177 today!