Tooth-Brushing Tips

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You may have heard this before, but it’s worth saying again: brushing your teeth is the most effective way to strengthen your dental health and thwart the development of dental erosion and disorders. For best results, it’s important to practice the greatest technique when tooth-brushing. Here are a few guidelines to help make you a master brusher:

-Brush for 120 seconds! This may sound easy, but most people don’t brush for this long. To ensure you’re tooth-brushing for at least two minutes per brushing session, try keeping track of your tooth-brushing with a stopwatch or timer.

-Brush two times daily. While brushing once is awesome, you should be brushing at least twice per day to see the greatest results. Just like you wouldn’t want bacteria resting on your teeth and gums all night while you sleep, you shouldn’t want acids eating away at your teeth during the daytime.

-Brush the outer-upper, then outer-lower, then inner-upper, and then the inner-lower teeth in order. Making sure you brush in this way will help you get each area of your teeth your toothbrush can reach, and it’s optimized to help you clean out bacteria and leftover debris efficiently.

If you’d like a few more tips on brushing your teeth properly, give our Lincoln, Nebraska, office a call at 402-477-1177 and schedule a visit. Our doctor, Dr. Timothy Dinkelman, and the whole staff at Northridge Dental LLC will be happy to help you learn to brush effectively.