Top Tips for a Successful Smile as You Age

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Having a successful smile as you age is important, but caring for it becomes vital as you go through the years. Although teeth can wear down from a lifetime of use, that doesn’t mean you have to spend your elder years with no remaining teeth. With the proper care and attention, and the avoidance of dangerous and hazardous habits, it is possible to keep your teeth strong for the rest of your life.

Brushing and flossing should remain a dynamic part of your life, and a continued path of brushing at least twice every day and flossing once every day should be strictly adhered to. However, as we age, our muscles can fall apart or weaken and our joints can fail easier. If this happens, try switching to different cleaning apparatuses that are easier to operate, such as electric toothbrushes or water flosser.

It’s also critical to remove any bad habits and risks from your life that can destroy your oral health profile. This includes unsafe behaviors such as smoking and chewing tobacco, as well as using drugs, including both prescription and recreational drugs. If you struggle with unnecessary habits and need additional oral health care treatment, make sure to find the time to schedule an appointment with our dentist at our office.

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